Plots for Sale in Loni, Ghaziabad

Plots for Sale in Loni, Ghaziabad

Plots for Sale in Loni, Ghaziabad

Purchasing a plot to build your dream home is an exciting endeavor. With competitive property rates compared to Delhi and its strategic location, Loni in Ghaziabad has emerged as a preferred destination to invest in plots. This article provides insightful information about various aspects of buying plots in Loni, Ghaziabad.

Loni is situated along the Delhi-Meerut Road and is well-connected to major areas like Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, and Vaishali. The area has seen massive development in recent years in terms of infrastructure, residential projects, and social amenities. Plots in Loni ranged between 1800-3000 sq ft are available between Rs.1500- Rs.2500 per sq ft based on factors like location and facilities. There are both approved and unapproved plots for sale. Let's take a look at the key options:

GDA Approved Plots

Ghaziabad Development Authority or GDA develops planned housing sectors with allotted plots of different sizes. Buying an approved plot by GDA ensures planned development and access to facilities. Some of the upcoming GDA sectors in Loni with plots available are SG11, SG12, SBV, SCC4, SCC6, etc. These sectors consist of [plots in ghaziabad], [plot in ghaziabad], [gda plots in ghaziabad] ranging from 150 sq yards to 300 sq yards costing Rs. 3000-4000 per sq ft.

Developer/Builder Floors

Many private builders are coming up with their [plot projects in ghaziabad]. Some of the popular projects in Loni include Eldeco County Plots, SG Impressions, Gaur Captiva Plots, etc. These projects have high-quality [plots for sale] with sizes generally between 131- 500 sq yards within integrated townships that have amenities like green open spaces, clubhouse, schools, hospitals and more. The rates range from Rs.2100 - Rs.5000 per sq ft based on plot size and facilities.

Agricultural Land Conversions

Investing in agricultural lands in interior areas of Loni and converting them into residential plots is also an lucrative option. These lands are available at attractive rates generally below Rs.1500 per sq ft. Once converted into [residential plots], their valuation can double. But approvals and conversions require efforts and may have associated costs and risks.


There is a thriving resale market for plots in Loni owing to the affordability and infrastructure growth. Resale plots can be availing in both GDA sectors and private projects at 5-10% lower price compared to direct allotments. But proper due-diligence is required regarding ownership records and building norms before buying resale [plots in delhi ncr].

Key Localities and Rates

Some of the popular localities in Loni with plots available for sale include:

  • Shastri Nagar: Centrally located, close to facilities with plot rates around Rs. 4000 per sq ft
  • Bankner Village: Strategically situated on Delhi-Meerut Road next to Khekra. Plots between Rs. 2500 - 3500 per sq ft.
  • Banthla: Affordable plots available between Rs. 1500 - 2000 per sq ft.
  • Dayanand Vihar: Premium plots next to Hindon River between Rs. 4500 - 5000 sq ft.
  • Gagan Vihar: Large-sized GDA approved plots available. Priced between Rs.3000 - Rs.4000 per sq ft based on exact location.

Plot sizes generally range from 150 sq yards to 500 sq yards in most Loni localities.

Factors Impacting Plot Prices

Plot rates in Loni can vary widely based on factors like:

  • Location: Areas closer to Delhi-Meerut Highway or Industry attract higher rates
  • Road access: Plots along 30-40 ft wide roads tend to be pricier
  • Development status: An approved sector with functional facilities has higher plot valuations
  • Land condition: Rates depend on topography, soil-quality, ground-water level etc.
  • Nearest landmarks: Proximity to office spaces, malls, hospitals lead to increased rates.

Understanding these aspects is key before comparing [cheapest plots in delhi ncr] and making a buying decisions regarding [plots in ghaziabad under 5 lakhs].

Buying Process and Ownership

GDA Allotments

One has to participate in scheme draw process by GDA through online registration and application submission. If allotted, further documentation, allotment letter processing along with payments need to be completed. Allottees get leasehold certificate initially converted to freehold later.

Private Plots

Buying entails booking by paying token amount, documentation of allotment letter/builder buyer agreement, periodic installment payments, and finally registry of plots in buyer's name after possession. Ownership title received as freehold registration directly.

It is advisable to verify project RERA registrations, builder credentials, ownership records and building norms while purchasing plots from developers.

Advantages of Buying Plot in Loni

Investing in a plot for building your home in Loni has several advantages like:

  • Strategic location: Good connectivity to Delhi, Noida and other parts of NCR
  • Infrastructure growth: With new road networks, Metro expansion and community facilities
  • Affordability: Comparatively economical than most areas across the NCR
  • High appreciation: Potential for attractive returns driven by development
  • Incentives: Builder schemes with flexible payment plans and zero GST
  • Ownership control: Opportunity to construct customized home as per needs
  • Before arriving at investment decision, it is prudent to analyze [plot in ghaziabad], [plot in delhi] rates along with location suitability as per budget.

    Loans and Financing Options for Plots

    With home loan interest rates starting from 6.5%, availing a loan for buying a plot in Loni is beneficial to fund your purchase instead of outright payment. This helps in managing cash flows effectively.

    Plot Loan Eligibility

    Banks and HFCs offer plot loans if the land is approved, have clear title and proper documentation. Self-employed individuals need 2 years IT returns while salaried class require 6 months bank statements and just 1 year IT return.

    Plot Loan Eligibility

    Banks and HFCs offer plot loans if the land is approved, have clear title and proper documentation. Self-employed individuals need 2 years IT returns while salaried class require 6 months bank statements and just 1 year IT return.

    Interest Rates

    Plot loan rates start from around 8.5% p.a. onwards for salaried individuals while self-employed customers get rates upwards of 10.5% based on creditworthiness, income stability and amount. Choosing shorter tenure of 10-15 years reduces overall interest outgo. (Lowest Personal Loan Interest Rates)

    EMI Payments

    Typical EMI for 15 year Rs 50 lakh plot loan is around Rs. 42,000 assuming 9% annual interest. Repaying loan dues through NACH helps in improving credit score which enhances future loan eligibility. Click for the EMI Calculator.

    FAQs on Plots in Loni

    Here are some frequently asked questions related to buying plots in Loni, Ghaziabad with helpful responses:

    What are the top upcoming sectors in Loni with plots?

    Some of most popular upcoming sectors in Loni region offering plots are SG11, SG12, SCC6, SBV and SCC4 by authorities like GDA and private developers. These have both residential and commercial plot options.

    What are rates for smallest size plots in Loni?

    In many Loni localities like Banthla, rates for smaller 150-200 sq yard plots can range between Rs.1500 - 2500 per sq ft based on exact location and facilities. Comparatively affordable than most parts of Delhi NCR.

    How reliable are builders offering plots in Loni?

    Leading builders like Gaursons, Ajnara, Prateek Group, Sikka Group have solid reputation and RERA-registered ongoing [plot projects in ghaziabad]. Checking builder project credentials is advisable before purchasing privately developed plots.

    What documents define plot ownership in Loni?

    For GDA allotments, lease-deed and allotment letters determine ownership. For private plots, legally-registered sale deed defines rightful owner. Reviewing all supporting papers ensuring clear title is essential before plot purchase.

    Are there options for resale purchase of plots?

    There are options to buy resale [gda plots in ghaziabad], [free hold plots in ghaziabad] in prime Loni sectors generally at 5-10% lower costs. But extensive ownership record verification becomes critical before resale purchases.

    With factors like connectivity, affordability and infrastructure development catalyzing growth, Loni offers attractive plot investment options for end-users as well as investors. Identifying locality suitability along with associated costs and ownerhips norms is key for making informed plot purchase decisions in Loni.

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