Can use Permethrin 1% lotion for floor mopping or tile Disinfectant ?

Can use Permethrin 1% lotion for floor mopping or tile Disinfectant ?

Permethrin is an insecticide that is often used to treat scabies and kill head lice. The 1% lotion formulation is meant for application directly onto the skin, not onto floors or other surfaces.

permethrin disinfectant spray

Applying permethrin 1% lotion to your floors would not be an appropriate or approved use of this medication:

  • Floors do not have scabies or head lice that need treatment. The medication would essentially be wasted.
  • Using too much permethrin in a concentrated area can sometimes lead to cats getting sick if they ingest or come into contact with it. Applying it broadly to floors could cause feline health issues. 
  • Permethrin can be harmful if inhaled or exposed to for a prolonged period. Applying liberally to floors where you walk and spend time is not advisable.
  • The lotion could leave a damaging residue on flooring surfaces that is difficult to remove. It could stain or discolor some floor types.

Instead, permethrin 1% lotion should be applied sparingly and specifically to human skin for treating lice/scabies. It needs to be washed off after some time. Check the medication instructions or consult a pharmacist or doctor for proper usage. But applying this medication to floors would not be safe or appropriate. Please use an appropriate floor cleaner instead. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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