Wolverhampton Taxi Licensing: A Guide for Drivers

Wolverhampton Taxi Licensing: A Guide for Drivers

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Wolverhampton has become one of the most popular places in the UK for taxi drivers to get licensed. With no limits on vehicle numbers or driver knowledge tests, Wolverhampton City Council has issued over 11,500 taxi licenses as of August 2023. This has made Wolverhampton the largest taxi licensing authority in England outside of London.

Why Get a Wolverhampton Taxi License?

There are several key reasons why taxi drivers are flocking to Wolverhampton to get licensed:

  • No limits on vehicle numbers - Unlike many other councils, Wolverhampton does not have a limit or cap on the number of taxi licenses they issue. This provides more opportunities for drivers.
  • No knowledge test - Wolverhampton does not require taxi drivers to pass a local geography knowledge test. This makes it easier and faster to get licensed if you are an out-of-town driver.
  • Lower license fees - Licensing fees in Wolverhampton are generally lower than many other councils. The initial license fee is around £207 compared to over £400 in some London boroughs, for example.
  • Licenses valid across England - Wolverhampton taxi licenses allow drivers to operate anywhere in England, so provides flexibility to work across different areas.
  • High demand for taxis - With its large student population and vibrant nightlife, there is high demand for taxis in Wolverhampton itself. This provides good work opportunities.

Wolverhampton Taxi Licensing Requirements

To obtain a Wolverhampton taxi license, there are certain requirements and criteria you must meet:

  • Right to work - You must have the legal right to work in the UK, such as UK/EU citizenship or a valid visa.
  • Medical examination - You must pass a medical examination with your doctor to ensure you meet DVLA Group 2 medical standards.
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check - You must undertake an enhanced DBS background check which shows you have no relevant convictions.
  • Certificates - You need to provide proof of qualifications like a valid driving license, public liability insurance, vehicle registration, and MOT certificate.
  • Vehicle standards - Your taxi vehicle must meet Wolverhampton's standards in terms of age, emissions, maintenance, and wheelchair accessibility features.
  • License fees - You must pay the relevant license application and renewal fees. The cost is £207 for a new 3 year license if done online.
  • Driver standards - You must adhere to Wolverhampton's taxi driver code of conduct in areas like safe driving, disabled access, and customer service.

How to Apply for a Wolverhampton Taxi License

Here is an overview of the step-by-step process to apply for a Wolverhampton taxi license:

  1. Check your eligibility - Ensure you meet the requirements outlined above in terms of right to work, medical fitness, background check, vehicles standards etc.
  2. Prepare application documents - Have copies of things like your driving license, insurance, MOT, vehicle log book, DBS check, and medical certificate.
  3. Complete application form - Fill in the Wolverhampton taxi licensing application form online or in person at the Civic Centre.
  4. Pay license fee - Pay the £207 new application fee online or at the Civic Centre via cash/card. This covers a 3 year license.
  5. Undertake knowledge test - For new drivers only, you may need to pass Wolverhampton's taxi licensing knowledge test.
  6. Vehicle inspection - Book and pass a vehicle compliance test at one of Wolverhampton's appointed garages.
  7. License review - The council will review your application and confirm if approved. You can then operate as a licensed taxi driver.
  8. Renew license - Ensure you renew your Wolverhampton taxi license every 3 years to continue operating legally.

Wolverhampton City Centre Taxi Rank Locations
Wolverhampton City Centre Taxi Rank Locations

Wolverhampton Taxi Driver Rules and Regulations

As a licensed taxi driver in Wolverhampton, you must follow certain rules and regulations set by the council, including:

  • Maintaining your vehicle in a safe, clean condition with valid MOT.
  • Reporting any accidents, vehicle damage, or Convictions/endorsements to the council.
  • Having a fixed fare table clearly on display.
  • Providing assistance to disabled passengers when required.
  • No smoking in the taxi at any time.
  • Being respectful, professional and not discriminating against passengers.
  • Reporting lost property found in your taxi.
  • Maintaining adequate insurance cover.
  • Wearing your taxi driver ID badge.
  • Adhering to rules on maximum working hours.
  • Parking correctly and not causing an obstruction.
  • No illicit pillion riding for private hire taxis.

Failure to follow these rules could result in penalties against your license so it's important to maintain standards. Wolverhampton City Council does proactive compliance checks and enforcement against licensed drivers.

Top 5 Tips for Wolverhampton Taxi Drivers

If you have or plan to get a Wolverhampton taxi license, here are 5 useful tips:

  1. Know the patch - Take time to learn the layout, key sites and potential busy areas around Wolverhampton even if living elsewhere.
  2. Join local circuits - Link up with local taxi firms to get yourself on their radio circuits for job allocation.
  3. Use apps wisely - Take advantage of taxi hailing apps like Uber but don't rely solely on them.
  4. Keep tidiness - Maintain your vehicle's appearance and cleanliness to give customers confidence.
  5. Stay alert - Drive safely, identify risk, avoid distraction and be alert to avoid accidents and claims.

Wolverhampton Taxi License FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Wolverhampton taxi licensing:

How much is a Wolverhampton taxi license?

- The cost is £207 for a new 3 year taxi license if applied for online. Renewal is £186 for 3 years.

Where do I take the taxi knowledge test?

- Wolverhampton Council does not require a knowledge test, unlike many other authorities.

Can I work anywhere with a Wolverhampton license?

- Yes, a Wolverhampton taxi license allows you to work as a private hire driver anywhere in England.

Do I need a local Wolverhampton address?

- No, you do not need to live in Wolverhampton itself to apply for a license there.

What vehicles can I use?

- Most standard 4-door saloon cars, estates or minibuses can be licensed but they must meet Wolverhampton's age and emission standards.

How long does a license application take?

- Provided you submit all required documents, a new application can be processed within 4-8 weeks typically.

Can I get a Wolverhampton license if licensed elsewhere?

- Yes you can apply to transfer your taxi license to Wolverhampton from another council area if you wish.


Wolverhampton City Council provides a popular and cost-effective option for taxi drivers looking to get licensed in the UK. With flexible rules on knowledge tests and vehicle limits, it has become the largest taxi licensing authority outside of London. Drivers do need to meet certain standards and follow important rules however. Overall, a Wolverhampton taxi license provides a great opportunity to work as a private hire driver across England if you meet the eligibility criteria.

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