Make Money With RDP: Insider Tips for Maximum Earnings!

Make Money With RDP: Insider Tips for Maximum Earnings!

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Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) allows you to remotely access and control computers over the internet. With RDP, you can use the keyboard, mouse, and monitor of a remote PC as if you were sitting right in front of it. This technology opens up various money-making opportunities by letting you leverage computing resources around the world.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top methods of how to make money with RDP. Whether you want to rent out your own unused computers or use rented RDPs to do online work, RDP provides an easy way to generate income both actively and passively. Read on to learn how to maximize your earning potential with remote desktop protocol.

Rent Out Access to Your Computer

One of the most straightforward ways to make money with RDP is by renting access to your own computer when you aren’t using it. Services like RDPWrap allow you to share a remote desktop session securely. With it enabled, people can log into your PC over the internet and use it for various tasks.

Platforms like RemotePC connect RDP owners and renters, handling payment processing and security features. As the owner, you get to set your own hourly rental rate. Renters can browse computers by specs like CPU, RAM, bandwidth etc. and book time slots that work for them. The income generated is passive, requiring minimal effort from you. Your computer gets put to use even when idle, making money while you aren’t actively using it.

The main requirements for renting out RDP access are:

  • High speed internet connection
  • Public IP address
  • Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise edition
  • At least 8GB RAM and quad-core processor
  • RDPWrap or similar remote access software
  • RemotePC account or alternative platform

With the right setup, you can comfortably earn $5 or more per hour by renting out your computer. The money can quickly add up if you have multiple PCs to spare. It provides a hands-off way to monetize your unused computing resources.

Use RDPs for Online Work

Instead of renting your own computer, you can also use rented RDPs to make money online. Cloud computing providers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Vultur offer virtual machines with preconfigured RDP access.

These cloud-based RDPs can be leveraged to do various types of remote online work, including:

  • Data entry
  • Transcription
  • Customer service
  • Administrative tasks
  • Virtual assistance

The benefit of using rented RDPs for online work is the ability to access computers with high specs tailored for the task. For data entry and transcription for example, you can rent an RDP with plenty of RAM, multiple monitors, fast internet etc. This results in higher productivity compared to using a standard home setup.

When getting started, pay attention to:

  • Internet speed – Aim for at least 25-50 Mbps download and 10-20 Mbps upload for smooth performance.
  • Operating System – Windows 10 is ideal for compatibility with most online work platforms.
  • Storage – 100GB should be sufficient to install necessary software and get started.
  • Processor – Quad core or higher CPUs allow comfortable multitasking.
  • RAM – 8GB RAM is recommended for smooth usage when running multiple programs.

With the specialized configuration of rented RDPs, you can maximize your earning potential from online remote work. The income potential depends on your skills and the type of work you pursue.

Mine Cryptocurrency

The processing power of RDPs also makes them well-suited for mining cryptocurrencies. Cryptomining involves using computer hardware to solve complex math problems. Solving these problems verifies crypto transactions and adds new coins into circulation.

Unlike GPUs, CPUs on RDPs won't make you rich with cryptocurrency mining. However, they can provide a steady stream of low-cost mining income. With multiple RDPs, you can scale up crypto mining to profitable levels. When configured correctly, the hardware costs are low but the computing power is high.

Some tips for optimizing RDPs for crypto mining include:

  • Using centralized mining software like NiceHash that switches between cryptocurrencies automatically.
  • Disabling unnecessary Windows services to devote more resources to mining.
  • Enabling Intel virtualization technology for efficiency gains through hypervisor.
  • Installing Linux OS like Ubuntu Server for lower overhead than Windows.
  • Using headless version without GUI for maximum CPU utilization.
  • Connecting multiple RDPs to form a small mining rig.

With the right software, hardware, and configurations, RDP mining can earn $15-$30 per month per instance. The income can add up quickly if expanded to 10 or more RDPs. Though not a get rich quick scheme, RDP mining provides consistent returns on the initial infrastructure investment.

Other Methods

There are a few other creative ways to leverage RDPs to make money online:

  • Remote Browser Farm – Browser-based crypto mining depends on high traffic. RDPs can be used to direct large volumes of traffic to monetized sites or referral links.
  • Sell Bandwidth – RDPs on fiber internet connections can sell excess bandwidth through reseller programs. The bandwidth can be used for large downloads and other high traffic needs.
  • Rent Ad Space – The desktop of RDPs provides a space to display ads. Companies will pay to get their ads seen whenever someone uses the remote desktop.
  • File Hosting – With sufficient storage space, RDPs can host and share files publicly for a fee like a basic Dropbox.

These methods provide additional options to explore monetizing RDP beyond the major methods discussed. With clever thinking, there are likely more undiscovered techniques waiting to be tapped into.


Is making money with RDP legal?

Generally yes, as long as taxes are paid on any income generated. Check your country and state laws to ensure compliance. Avoid using RDPs for unethical, dangerous or clearly illegal activities.

What are the risks of renting out my computer?

Loss of privacy and security are the main risks. Enable features like screen recording protection and limit user permissions to mitigate risks. Vet renters and use a platform with screening features and insurance to lower risk.

Which remote access software is best?

Top RDP software options include Microsoft Remote Desktop, Chrome Remote Desktop, VNC Connect, and TeamViewer. Choose user-friendly software with robust security features and multi-platform clients. RDPWrap works well for renting access to Windows PCs.

Is an RDP better than VPS for making money online?

RDP and VPS both have pros and cons. RDPs offer simpler setup and lower cost for basic computing needs. But VPS provides more administrative control, customization and scale if you need advanced configurations.


RDP technology creates opportunities to turn computing power into profit. With minimal investment, time, and risk, you can start making money with RDP. Whether your goal is generating passive income or boosting your active earnings, remote desktop protocol is a versatile tool to leverage.

The most popular and proven methods include renting out your unused PCs, using cloud-based RDPs for online work, and mining cryptocurrency. With the right preparation, any of these approaches can become a low-maintenance revenue stream. While RDPS likely won't make you rich quick, they provide an easy way to earn extra income on the side with spare resources.

If you have access to unused computers and internet connectivity, try getting started with RDP rental services like RemotePC. For active online work, investigate cloud computing platforms offering Windows RDPs optimized for productivity. And for crypto mining, check out mining pools like NiceHash for the easiest setup.

With the tips and methods outlined in this guide, you now have a solid foundation to begin monetizing RDP technology. So tap into this profitable potential and start leveraging RDPs to make money today!

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