How to Use Apple Pay on Amazon Without a Card

How to Use Apple Pay on Amazon Without a Card

How to Use Apple Pay on Amazon Without a Card


Apple Pay and Amazon provide convenient ways to make purchases online and in apps without needing a physical credit or debit card. With Apple Pay, you can use your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac to make secure, contactless payments in stores, apps, and on participating websites like Amazon. This guide will explain how to set up Apple Pay and walk through using it to make purchases on Amazon's website and mobile app without needing your actual card or entering card details.

Setting Up Apple Pay

Before you can use Apple Pay on Amazon, you first need to set it up on your compatible iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac. Here is an overview of how to configure Apple Pay on your device:

  • Add Credit/Debit Card - To get started, open the Wallet app on iOS or watchOS or the Apple Pay or Wallet section in Settings on Mac. Here you can add your credit or debit card by entering your card details manually or taking a photo of the card. Your card needs to be from a participating bank.
  • Configure Settings - Make sure the settings like double-click side button, Face ID/Touch ID, and card notifications are enabled. You may also want to set a default card.
  • Verify Card - After entering your card info, your bank will verify the card with a small authorization hold and you will get a verification code to finalize adding the card to Apple Pay.
  • Set up iCloud - You need an iCloud account to keep your cards synced across devices. Make sure you are signed in to iCloud with Keychain enabled.

Once Apple Pay is all configured with your verified payment card, you are ready to use it for purchases on Amazon's website and app. Apple Pay works on compatible iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac models with Touch ID, Face ID or side button double click enabled.

Using Apple Pay on the Amazon Website

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough for using Apple Pay to make purchases on Amazon's desktop website:

  1. Add Item to Cart - Browse and add an item to your cart as usual on Proceed to checkout when ready.
  2. Select Payment Method - When you get to checkout, look for the "Apple Pay" payment option. This will be near options like credit/debit card, Amazon gift cards, etc.
  3. Initiate Apple Pay - Click the Apple Pay button. A prompt will appear on your compatible device if you have Apple Pay set up.
  4. Authenticate with Face/Touch ID - Use Face ID on iPhone X or newer or Touch ID on earlier iPhones and iPad models to authenticate. On Mac, double click the side button.
  5. Confirm Order - Make sure payment details look correct and complete purchase by clicking/tapping "Pay now" or similar button.
  6. Check Status - You will get confirmation on your device screen and can check order status in your Amazon account as usual.

The purchase is then quickly completed through the encrypted Apple Pay system without having to enter or save any actual card details on Amazon's site. It is the fastest and most secure option when checking out.

Using Apple Pay on the Amazon Mobile App

You can also use Apple Pay to breezily checkout on Amazon's iOS and iPadOS shopping apps:

  1. Add to Cart - Browse the app and add desired items to your cart. Tap the cart icon to proceed to checkout.
  2. Select Payment - Go through checkout process until payment screen. Tap "Apple Pay" option at bottom of payment methods.
  3. Authenticate with Face/Touch ID - The Apple Pay sheet will appear. Confirm your identity via Face ID on iPhone X or later models, Touch ID on earlier iPhones, or Touch ID on iPad.
  4. Finish Checkout - Verify total is correct, then authorize payment by tapping the "Pay now" button.
  5. Check Order Status - Payment succeeded message will appear. You will also get Apple Pay confirmation on your device.

This quick checkout with Apple Pay also works great on the Amazon app for iPad. The app gives you the same Apple Pay option when selecting payment. Complete your purchases right from your iPad safely and conveniently.

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Tips and Things to Know

Here are some helpful tips and additional details to know when using Apple Pay for Amazon:

  • Look for Apple Pay logo - Make sure website or app payment screen shows Apple Pay as an option before trying to use it.
  • Keep devices updated - Have the latest iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, or MacOS for best Apple Pay experience and performance.
  • Review total before paying - Double check the total charge before authorizing with Face/Touch ID to complete purchase.
  • Works with rewards programs - Apple Pay purchases on Amazon qualify for Prime benefits, cash back, etc. just like other payment methods.
  • Can manage/edit cards - Use Wallet app or Apple Pay settings to delete cards, set default, view recent activity, etc.
  • Troubleshooting - If Apple Pay isn't working, check for software updates, device compatibility, internet connection, and sufficient account balance/limits.
  • Payment is encrypted - When using Apple Pay, actual card numbers are not shared with merchant. Payments go through secure Apple Pay system.


Apple Pay provides a fast, simple, and secure way to make purchases directly from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac. When shopping on Amazon's website or app, look for the Apple Pay option at checkout. Then use Face ID, Touch ID, or double-click side button to authenticate and pay right from your device without having to enter or store actual debit/credit card details. With just a glance or touch, you can quickly checkout using the payment cards you've already added to the Apple Pay wallet. This makes the shopping experience smoother while also keeping your card information private and transactions protected through encryption. Give it a try next time you make a purchase on Amazon!

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