Buy Cheap RDP With Admin Access 2023

Buy Cheap RDP With Admin Access 2023

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What is RDP?

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. It is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft that allows connecting to the graphical interface of another computer over a network connection. RDP enables the remote computer's desktop environment to be displayed on the local computer. RDP connections are encrypted for security.

With RDP, you can control a remote PC or virtual machine as if you were sitting right in front of it. RDP provides access to all the applications, files, and network resources on the remote computer. It essentially allows you to use your own computer to control and use a remote computer.

Benefits of Using RDP

There are several benefits to using RDP:

  • Accessibility - You can access a remote computer from anywhere with an internet connection. This enables location independence.
  • Convenience - Managing and using a remote computer is easy with RDP. You don't need to be physically present near the remote PC.
  • Security - RDP uses encryption to secure data transmitted between computers. This prevents snooping of sensitive info.
  • Cost Savings - RDP allows you to access powerful remote computers rather than purchasing expensive hardware locally. This results in cost savings.
  • Remote Assistance - RDP enables remote troubleshooting and IT support. Support technicians can connect to a remote computer to quickly identify and fix problems.

Why Buy RDP with Admin Access?

Typically, RDP access comes with standard user privileges. But RDP with admin access gives you unrestricted privileges and full control over the remote computer. Here are some key benefits of buying RDP with admin access:

  • Install any software application on the remote computer
  • Modify system settings, registry, services, etc.
  • Access all files and folders, even protected system files
  • Create and manage user accounts and permissions
  • Debug system issues and perform troubleshooting
  • Run demanding apps and tools that require admin rights
  • Customize and configure the remote PC to your needs
  • Reset passwords and take ownership of files/folders

So if you need full unrestricted remote access and control, opting for RDP with admin privileges is highly recommended.

What to Look for When Buying Cheap RDPs

When searching for cheap RDPs with admin access, here are some key factors to look for:

  • Windows OS - The remote computer should run a Windows OS for full compatibility. Windows Server is ideal.
  • RAM - Aim for at least 2 GB RAM, with 4-8 GB being ideal. Insufficient RAM will cause lag.
  • Storage - Look for at least 50 GB, with 100+ GB being better for installing programs.
  • Processor - A multi-core processor with speeds of 2 GHz+ is recommended for smooth performance.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth - Ensure the RDP provider does not impose data limits or caps on bandwidth usage.
  • Uptime Guarantee - Choose an RDP with at least 99% uptime guarantee for maximum reliability.
  • Connection Speed - Check that the server location offers fast connection speed for a lag-free experience.
  • Perks - Some providers offer perks like DDoS protection, free SSL, regular backups, etc. for the same low price.
  • Refund Policy - In case you face issues, the provider should offer refunds or replacements.
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Where to Buy Cheap RDPs With Admin Access?

It is advisable to avoid free/low-quality RDPs as they often have malware, are unstable, and have data caps. Instead, opt for an established RDP provider. Here are some of the best places to buy cheap, legit RDPs with admin access:

1. RDPTier

RDPTier offers high-quality, affordable Windows RDPs starting at just $7/month. All plans have admin access, unlimited bandwidth, and a 99.9% uptime SLA. You can select servers based on location, resources, and price. RDPTier has excellent customer support and allows crypto payments.

2. RDPZone

RDPZone provides budget-friendly RDPs with full admin rights and unlimited data usage. Prices start from just $9.90/month. You get 1 dedicated IP address with each plan. They offer a 100% uptime guarantee and accept PayPal payments.

3. RDPUp

RDPUp is a reputable provider of low-cost RDP access. Their plans provide unlimited bandwidth. Starting price is $7/month and you get admin rights plus 1 dedicated IP. They offer 24/7 live chat support in case you face any issues.

4. RapidRDP

RapidRDP is known for its speedy servers and reliable connections. Their RDP plans start from $6/month. No bandwidth restrictions are imposed. You get admin privileges and dedicated IPs with all hosting plans. Crypto payment options are available.

5. CheapRDPs

As the name suggests, CheapRDPs offers some of the most competitively priced RDPs in the market. Plans start at just $5/month and provide full admin access along with 1 dedicated IP address. No bandwidth or data transfer caps are imposed.

Main Uses of RDP With Admin Access

RDPs with admin access enable you to use remote computers for virtually any purpose. Here are some of the most popular uses of cheap RDPs with admin access:

  • Software and app testing - Test high resource-intensive programs safely on a remote computer.
  • Web surfing anonymization - Browse the web privately by masking your IP address.
  • Access blocked sites and content - Bypass geographic restrictions on websites.
  • IT administration - Manage servers and infrastructure remotely.
  • Remote technical support - Admin rights allow remote troubleshooting PCs.
  • Gaming - Access high-end gaming PCs remotely to play graphics intensive games.
  • Run multiple bots/automation tools - Admin rights let you run bots smoothly.
  • Data security - Store and access data securely on an encrypted remote computer.
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FAQs About Cheap RDPs With Admin Access

Q1. Are cheap RDPs illegal or unsafe to use?

No, the majority of low cost RDP providers are legitimate businesses offering secure remote desktop services. They utilize licensed software and ensure data privacy. As long as you avoid shady sites, cheap RDPs are perfectly legal and safe to use.

Q2. Can the RDP provider see my activity and data?

Reputable RDP providers usually do not actively monitor or access your data and activity on the remote computer. Make sure to check their privacy policy for details. Enable disk encryption for added safety.

Q3. What is the ideal RAM and storage for an RDP?

For smooth performance, 4 GB RAM is recommended for an RDP. For storage, 50 GB is sufficient for basic use, but 100-200 GB is ideal if you plan to install multiple large programs and store files.

Q4. Do I need a VPN if I use RDP?

It's not a must, but using a VPN provides added privacy and anonymity when accessing an RDP over the internet. The VPN encrypts your traffic, masks your IP, and routes connections via the VPN server.

Q5. Can I get a static IP address with shared RDP plans?

Usually shared RDP plans assign you a dynamic IP that may change. But many providers offer dedicated RDP plans with a static, non-changing IP for a small additional fee over shared plans.

Q6. What software should I avoid when using a cheap RDP?

Avoid bandwidth-intensive software like torrent clients, mass file storage, crypto mining, spam bots, etc. These may violate terms of service and get your RDP blocked.


RDPs with admin access allow you full remote control over a Windows computer. While such RDPs are typically expensive, there are ways to buy them cheap starting at just $5-10/month. When purchasing, look for sufficient resources, unlimited bandwidth, good uptime, fast speeds, and a solid refund policy. Reputable providers like RDPTier offer high-quality, affordable RDPs for seamless remote access and maximum flexibility. With the right cheap RDP, you can securely use remote computers for browsing, gaming, work, and more. Just avoid illegal activities, excessive bandwidth usage, and make sure to encrypt sensitive data for peace of mind.

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