Bhola Shankar Movie Review

Bhola Shankar Movie Review

Bhola Shankar Movie Review
Bhola Shankar Movie Review

Bholaa Shankar is the latest high-octane action thriller starring veteran Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi in the lead role. Directed by Meher Ramesh, this film is an official remake of the 2015 Tamil blockbuster Vedalam starring Ajith Kumar. With Chiranjeevi returning to the big screen after a gap of a few years, expectations are sky-high from his diehard fans who are eagerly awaiting their favorite star's mass avatar.

Bholaa Shankar is produced by Anil Sunkara under the AK Entertainments banner. The film also stars Tamannaah as the female lead along with actors like Raghu Babu, Rao Ramesh, Prakash Raj, and Murali Sharma in pivotal roles. The music is composed by Mahati Swara Sagar.

The megastar last graced the silver screen in the 2019 period drama Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy. Now with Bholaa Shankar, fans are excited to see Chiranjeevi back in action after a brief hiatus, that too in an out-and-out commercial potboiler. Let’s take a closer look at what this masala entertainer has to offer.

Plot Summary

Bholaa Shankar follows the story of a protective and doting brother Bholaa Shankar (Chiranjeevi) and his three sisters. Right from childhood, he has taken it upon himself to safeguard his sisters from any harm or distress. Now settled in Kolkata, the four siblings run a chain of restaurants named after their mother Anandamama.

Trouble arises when a local gangster wants to forcibly buy out their thriving business. When the sisters refuse the offer, the thugs start harassing them. This is when Bholaa Shankar takes matters into his hands and confronts the rogues, showcasing his powerful fighting skills. Intense action sequences follow as he overpowers the goons in style.

In a parallel track, Bholaa Shankar makes it his mission to get his youngest sister married into a good family. Here we are introduced to Keerthy (Tamannaah) who initially rejects but eventually falls for Bholaa due to his caring nature.

But the main plotline follows Bholaa's clashes with the menacing gangster Aatma Singh, enacted by Murali Sharma. A sinister crime lord, Aatma wants to control all businesses in Kolkata. For standing up against him, Bholaa becomes his prime target.

How Bholaa Shankar deals with the threats to his family and business forms the crux of the story. The narrative builds up to a final confrontation where he destroys Aatma Singh's empire in a high-voltage climax.

Top cast (Bhola Shankar)

Here are the main cast members of the Bhola Shankar movie:

  • Chiranjeevi as Bhola Shankar - Chiranjeevi plays the titular lead role of Bhola Shankar, a good-hearted man who helps the poor and fights against injustice.
  • Keerthy Suresh as Meenakshi - Keerthy Suresh plays the female lead role of Meenakshi, Bhola Shankar's love interest. 
  • Tamannaah Bhatia - Tamannaah plays the role of Divya, an important character in the movie.
  • Raghu Babu - Veteran Telugu actor Raghu Babu plays a pivotal role in the movie.
  • Murali Sharma - Noted character actor Murali Sharma has an important role in the film. 
  • Rao Ramesh - Rao Ramesh, known for playing villainous roles, essays a negative character in Bhola Shankar.
  • Prakash Raj - Prakash Raj plays a crucial supporting role in the movie.

Bhola Shankar is directed by Meher Ramesh and produced by Anil Sunkara under the AK Entertainments banner. It features music by Mahati Swara Sagar. The film is slated for theatrical release on April 14, 2023.

Analysis and Key Features

As expected, Chiranjeevi delivers a powerhouse performance as Bholaa Shankar. He portrays the various shades of his character masterfully, whether it is the lighter moments showcasing his impeccable comic timing or the high-intensity action face-offs.

The megastar is in top form when it comes to the well-choreographed action sequences. He carries off the physically intensive stunts and dance moves effortlessly, reminding the audiences of his vigour and dexterity even at this age. The energy he brings to the combat scenes is unparalleled.

Tamannaah provides good support as the romantic interest, though her character is not well fleshed out. Raghu Babu excels in the role of Bholaa's sidekick providing comic relief at regular intervals. Prakash Raj has limited screen time but leaves a mark as police officer.

However, the clear standout is Murali Sharma as the menacing villain Aatma Singh. He adds a sinister edge to his character that counters Chiranjeevi's heroic persona effectively. His confrontations with Bholaa Shankar form the most engrossing parts of the narrative.

On the technical front, the cinematography is slick, capturing the action sequences thrillingly. The background score adds punch to the proceedings, though some of the songs seem forcibly inserted. The stunt choreography is first-rate and the styling properly projects Chiranjeevi as the massy hero.

Overall, Bholaa Shankar ticks most boxes for a commercial entertainer. It has whistle-worthy moments for Chiranjeevi fans along with powerful action blocks at regular intervals. The megastar's compelling performance and charisma makes it an engaging watch. Though the plot seems formulaic, the narrative pace is fast-moving. At nearly 2 hours 45 minutes, the runtime could have been tighter. But the film offers enough entertainment quotient for the frontbenchers and mass audience.


Q1. Who is the director of Bholaa Shankar?

A1. Bholaa Shankar is directed by Meher Ramesh, known for films like Krack, Shadow, and Zila Ghaziabad.

Q2. Who plays the lead role in the film?

A2. The lead role of Bholaa Shankar is essayed by veteran Telugu actor Chiranjeevi. At 66 years old, he carries off this massy action role with trademark energy and style.

Q3. Is Bholaa Shankar a remake of another film?

A3. Yes, Bholaa Shankar is an official remake of the 2015 Tamil action film Vedalam starring Ajith Kumar in the lead. The original was directed by Siva.

Q4. What is the runtime of Bholaa Shankar?

A4. The total runtime of Bholaa Shankar is approximately 165 minutes, making it a lengthy watch. But the fast-paced narrative keeps viewers engaged.


Bholaa Shankar is an out-and-out Chiranjeevi film that will appeal straight to his legions of ardent fans. It presents the megastar in a massy avatar after a gap of few years, allowing him to showcase his inimitable style and charisma. Backed by high-voltage action sequences and powerful confrontations, Chiranjeevi delivers a compelling performance at the helm.

Though the storyline is predictable, director Meher Ramesh keeps the narrative engaging with well-executed commercial elements. Bholaa Shankar makes for a satisfying theatrical experience for those who enjoy hardcore masala entertainers headlined by their favorite stars. It has all the trappings of a commercial potboiler done right.

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